Axon 812 Array

Axon 812 Array by Jon Anderson

At about $900 including shipping, this is the biggest bargain on the web!! I picked zalytron, and the 812 to build because, first of all it is very reasonably priced, and second, zalytron kits are true DIY kits, and come with just the drivers, drawings, and crossover parts. No glue, screws, dampening material or wood. This is not an easy speaker to build, by any means. There is a ton of work to build the cabinets, especially if you want them to be nice. I mean, there are 24 tweeters to countersink! They are built with 1 1/2" mdf, and veneered in beautiful natural cherry. Crossover parts are way better than I expected, and I hand built them with silver solder thoughout! Once they are built, it will take you a couple of days just to wire everything up, and mount the drivers. I built in a lower subwoofer chamber below the port for future sub installation, "IF NEEDED", so they turned out being over 7' tall, and check in at about 400lbs each. Make no mistake! these are world class speakers in every respect! The great thing about these monsters is there ability to be used with almost any type of amp. I have tried them with amps as low as 15 watts, and drove them with a high currant 200 watt beast. Both with incredible results! The great thing I have leaned about line arrays is that the drivers run so effortlessly, and easily that they end up having almost unlimited dynamics. I tuned the large port to about 35 hz. which is very respectable, but remember that this is 35hz at, and believe it when I say this, " Extremely High Output". These monsters love to play very loud, and will almost scare you with thier dynamic prowess! High level resolve, and resolution is excellent, and tends to really shine at mid to high volume levels. Let me just say, that I am very impressed with this design, and if you can build them, and have a lot of time, a hand truck, and a couple of friends to help you move them, then you can have a world class speaker for very little money! Much thanks to Elliot, and all at Zalytron for thier great kit, and wonderful service! Kind regards, Jon Anderson

2500Hz 12dB Q=0.50
all inductors 14ga. air core